DeMolay Squires

The organization of Squires is an organization for boys that are 9-11 years old.  Like DeMolay, it is a value-based organization.  The goal of the Order of the Squires is for its members and their parents to have fun while learning three important life lessons:  Wisdom (the importance of education), Truth (honesty), and Justice (equality and fairness).

The basic Squire organization is called a “Manor.”  Every Manor is sponsored by a DeMolay

DeMolay International established the organization of Squires to assist parents in making a positive difference in the lives of their sons while in their most impressionable years.  It is hoped that by providing a fun environment and teaching three very simple lessons, the Order of the Squires will help parents draw closer to their sons and instill values that will stay with their sons throughout their lives.

If you think that your son can benefit from the Squires program, contact  Chuckanut Chapter to learn more about it.


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